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The Ultimate Marketplace for Freelance Services

Discover a blockchain-powered marketplace that revolutionizes digital asset transactions. Explore software, copyright items, and freelance services with secure transactions, smart contracts, and a vibrant community. Join Leonardian today!


About DiVinciX

DiVinciX is a platform that showcases the top freelancers in the fields of content creation, digital art and logo design, animation, game development, social media and social media marketing, full stack developers, blockchain to actual product sales.

Our community is comprised of likeminded professionals that share the goal of providing the best possible service, in a timely fashion at the best prices possible. DivinciX uses the LEON token to reduce the level of fraud often associated with gig and freelancer websites.

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About ShareHolderPerk

ShareholderPerk is a platform that helps public companies convert their static shareholder info  into dynamic marketing  data.  All campaigns are  managed on the Ethereum blockchain.

LEON manages this application with 25% of all sales used to grow the LEON Uniswap LP.

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Unleashing the Potential of Blockchain

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Blockchain Empowerment

Harness the transformative power of blockchain to revolutionize the digital marketplace. Our platform ensures secure and transparent transactions, fostering innovation and collaboration among buyers, sellers, developers, and freelancers.


Bulletproof Quality

Trust is paramount when dealing with digital assets. Leonardian implements a robust quality assurance mechanism, guaranteeing that only the highest-quality software, copyright items, and services are available to our users.


Effortless Payments

Say goodbye to cumbersome payment processes. Leonardian's efficient payment mechanism leverages blockchain technology for quick, secure, and hassle-free transactions. Enjoy seamless fund transfers in no time.


Transparency and Predictability

Rest assured knowing that every transaction is locked in smart contracts within the blockchain. Leonardian prioritizes transparency, ensuring complete predictability and clarity for all parties involved.

5 Community

Join a vibrant community of digital enthusiasts at, our dedicated trading platform. Buy and sell Leonardian's native token, AWC, with over 243 million tokens in circulation. Be a part of this thriving ecosystem and seize the opportunities it offers.

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